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What’s So Special About An Oyster Knife?

No tool is more effective at getting an oyster open than an oyster knife. So don’t waste your time reaching for a paring knife or a screwdriver, you will only end up frustrated and possibly injured.

An oyster connoisseur will usually own a minimum of one oyster knife. However, it is possible to pry open any sized oyster with any oyster knife, it is not uncommon for oyster lovers to own a collection. Some knives of this type simply perform better on certain sizes and types of oysters.

What does an oyster knife look like?

A typical oyster knife has a short, dull blade is designed for the sole purpose of shucking oysters. The flat tip is pointed just enough to pry open a tightly shut hinge of an oyster shell. Yet, it is sufficiently rounded so it doesn’t damage the oyster flesh in the process.

Are oyster knives available in different sizes?

This unique kitchen tool is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for opening oysters of many different sizes and shapes. For example, an extra-large oyster may open more easily with a much longer blade than a mid-sized oyster. The perfect sized oyster knife tailored to the size of your oyster will spare you unnecessary wear and tear on your wrist. You will also avoid mangling the delicate flesh.

How is an oyster knife used to open an oyster shell?

Oyster knife handles are designed to operate with a grip and twist movement for opening an oyster. One or more sides is sharpened to sever the connecting muscle easily and release it from the shell. If you indulge on occasion it isn’t necessary to collect several types of oyster knives; you only need one sturdy one.

Keep in mind, although the blunt it can still be dangerous. The shucking technique involves pointing the oyster knife in the direction of the hand holding the oyster shell you want to pry open. Protect your hand against slipping by using a towel as a guard, or by wearing a steel mesh glove.

Oyster knives are a very special part of the cutlery world. They are so unlike all the other kitchen knives used for chopping, filleting, slicing, and dicing. An oyster knife is an oddball; it isn’t used for cutting. It is used for splitting open tightly closed shell and for cautiously removing the delicately hidden treasure inside. Oyster knives are unique indeed!

What Is A Set Tool Used For?

For most of the workers, having a set tool is one of the most important investments they need to have. This could help them in various purposes and eventually let them get started in providing a result on the projects asked by their clients. If the worker do not have the right tool, there is a chance for them to cause problems on the production of a certain a project, they would not be able to start working easily, and would cause delays on it.

Aside from that, there could also be a chance for them to waste a lot of time which could not really ideal if the client is asking for the project immediately. Basically, the tools are one of the first things you have to purchase in order for you to provide a better service to your clients and let them get the result they need in a shorter period of time. With the right tools used, projects could be done in time and perfectly, which could be a good start for the business to have a better name on the market.

Organized Tools on the Go

When you have lots of tools, it is important that you need to organize it. There are some tool kits that you can purchase on the market in order to keep your tools on the go. This is convenient for you to make sure that you can bring your set tool on any place where you are going to work. This is very convenient as you would not know when you need the tool you have there and bringing only some might also cause some problems so it is best for you to have all of them and easily use each of it on the project you are working on.

Keep Your Tools Safe and Secured

The best thing about the tool kits is that, it would help you to make sure that your tools are safe and secured. It is one of the most common challenges to many people today and we do know that most of the tools are expensive enough to purchase so if we are going to break one, which is not really a good idea to hear about. With that, you have to make investment on the right kit you can use where all of your tools would be kept and be assured that it is safe and secured as well.

Don’t Use A Flathead Screwdriver On A Phillips Screw – You’ll Strip The Screw

I was amazed at the title of this article. Well, it is funny anyway. Of course that is something related to the sixth sense of ourselves namely the common sense. Do not use flathead screwdriver on a phillips screwdriver. To paraphrase the statement, it is like saying don’t use the plate when you drink water. Nobody would do that in any way.

Additionally, why you should not use a flathead screwdriver as a replacement to phillips screwdriver is because it is not proper. Well, at some point, never use a tool in a hard way. If you do so, you will just end up tired trying to force something into a thing that it is actually not. It is like waiting for mango trees to fruit apple in its season.

One more thing, you will strip the screw if you do so. Things that are not compatible should not be coerced. There are really things that remains partner for life. So a flathead screwdriver is for flathead screw and a phillips screwdriver is for phillips screw only. That is a simple rule. What you can do then if the other one is not available. Well, there are three options you can do but let us cut down to only two since the third will surely not work for you.

First, you can borrow a tool from your neighbors. Just ask for it in a courteous way. Return it after you use so your neighbor may lend you his tools again. If your pride doesn’t allow you to borrow tools from your neighbor, then the second might work. The second thing you can do is to buy a tool. Hey, that is the most practical way. Of course tools are not for one time use only. You can use them the next time the need for it arises. It is more beneficial to buy since you do not need to borrow anymore. Well, the third would be to make alternatives. As I had told you already, it won’t work so disregard it if you want.

Remember, tools are designed to be used to designated uses. This is the law of the tools. So, next time you hold something in your hand, you may want to do your research what is the proper use of that thing. If so, you may prevent further damages to anything around.

Buying A Fireplace? Don’t Forget The Fireplace Shovel

You might find that having a fireplace at home is beneficial if you have a winter season in your country. It can be very hard to withstand the cold that is brought by this weather especially for the elders and to those who are suffering from a serious health condition. As a result, they will surely decide to put a fireplace that can keep them warm and make them feel comfortable even if snow is falling outside. This is the time when you will see people wearing thick coats.

What You Need for Your Fireplace

If you are planning to build a fireplace, there are important things that you have to consider such as purchasing fireplace tools to be assured that your family is safe. You have to remember that fire can cause unwanted situation because it can burn the whole house and harm everyone who is living in the house even pets.

It can be very risky for you to use any material to move the coal or woods in your fireplace. You have to look for a material that is resistant to fire and comfortable for you to hold. This is why you have to buy a fireplace shovel so you can easily arrange the coals and prevent your skin from burning. This tool is usually made up of metal so it will not get damage even when expose to fire.

They choose Iron which is a popular metal in shaping shovels while brass is an expensive option. You can consider comparing prices if you want to save money when purchasing a shovel. What matters is that you can have a durable shovel that you find usable. Making use of the internet can be the most convenient way for you to find the right shovel for your fireplace. You can even look for websites that can provide it to you with discounts especially if you will have a set of fireplace tools.

Having a fireplace shovel is something that you should not set aside. Adults and kids can use shovel to keep the fire burning in the fireplace. You can even use shovels outside the house. By using a shovel, coals and woods will never go out of the fireplace that can cause fire. Like other fireplace tools, you will find shovel as an indispensable tool. Spending money for this tool will not only keep you away from getting burned but you can also prevent the occurrence of fire.

The Basics Of A Flux Core Welder

Before we even start discussing how to use a flux core welder, we have to talk safety. There are two major aspects of safety you have to consider. The welder arc is extremely hot and will give you some pretty nasty burns if you are not paying attention. It also omits UV light which causes damage to your eyes which is why you need to wear a pair of safety glasses. A welder’s leather jacket, leather gloves and last but not least, a welding hood. Keep in mind that you should cover any body parts that are exposed during the welding process because the sparks that are created during welding are hot and can easily cause fire and burns.

This seems like a lot to do but if you stay safe, welding can be a lot of fun and you can create some great work while honing your welding skills.

Gather Your Tools

Before you start welding, make sure you have all of your safety equipment on and collect your welding accessories in an organized fashion. This will help you in the long run. It is best to stand by this motto: if you think you are going to need it, organize it with your accessories.

Cleaning Your Work Space

It is really important to clean all of the metal you are going to weld with. If you don’t, the welds you create may not hold and this will create frustration and more work to do later. Use metal brushes or rags. Whichever one you think will get the job done. You may also want to consider grinding some of the metal away in order to create the best possible welding spot.

Metal Cutting

Make sure all of the metal you are going to use is cut the way you want before you start any welding. This will make you more efficient and also provide you will an organized process that makes sense. Remember, the more organized you are, the better your projects will turn out.

Position Your Metal

Once you have cut and cleaned your metal, you can set up your metal on a table. You need to make sure that the pieces of metal you are working with are secured or at least placed exactly in the position you want them to be when you are done welding. If you can complete these basic steps, you will have no problems figuring out how to use a flux core welder.

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